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Children's witty remarks about ‘home’

China Cultural Center in Den Haag

“Huisje, Boompje, Beestje” is a Dutch phrase to describe an ideally calm and unbothered life. With the exhibition “Huisje Boompje Beestje《 我爱我家》”, we’d like to give the stage to the youth and showcase their imagination around the concept of home and family. The meaning of "home" transcends geographical boundaries and cultural differences. It connotes shelter, comfort and security, which is manifested through various forms of over two hundred inspiring works by the Dutch and Chinese youth.

The participating institutions and studios are: Chinese School Delft, Dan Hua Culture and Education Center, JE Art Studio, Rijnlands Lyceum Wassenaar, Stichting Haagse Chinese School, Wolfert Tweetalig and Yuanfang Art Studio.

Opening hours: 18 January to 17 March 2023, open Tuesdays to Fridays, 1pm to 5pm
Ticket information: free, no booking required
Address: Spui 192A, 2511BW Den Haag
               Exhibition Hall, Chinese Cultural Centre, The Hague

This is the little room in my dream. In my dream, I was a little ghost, walking my dog. Little Mushroom Man is my younger brother, but he is a bit lazy. The cloud is my mama and she is watching us. The moon is my father, but the moon is sometimes there and sometimes not.

Chen Xi
The Hague Chinese School


Earth is a beautiful home. It is our responsibility to take good care of it.

Qingxi Nan
Delft Chinese School


I feel most at home in a cozy room, with books lining the walls, to be surrounded by books with all the world's knowledge just an arm's reach away.

Isabelle Hemmes
Rijnlands Lyceum Wassenaar


My brother painted houses and trees, I drew two rabbits and my mother painted clouds and rainbows. Dad mowed the trees and grass of the house made of canvas. Since the black sesame ball (black rabbit) and drift snow (white rabbit) came to our house, my mother and brother and I often went to the nature park to pull weeds for the rabbits, my father bought rabbit food for the rabbits and two small rabbits came to my house and our family life became more harmonious.

Richard en Jordy
Dan Hua Culture and Education Center


I have a cat at home who loves to dream and his name is Kuku. Kuku's biggest dream is that his beloved flower carpet can fly. One day, the flower carpet really flew off.... It took Kuku and countless butterflies with it and flew to the moon. Passing a pond, Kuku invited the little frog Pippi to go on an adventure, to fly together ... fly ... Colourful lanterns lit up the dark night sky for Kuku and his friends to... fly ... On the day of the Mid Autumn Festival, Kuku arrived on the moon ...

Wen Sen
Delft Chinese School


I drew a beach, because I love being on the beach.
In the sky I drew my future.On the left side I first drew a house, beacause I want a very big and beautiful house. I also want to travel a lot so that is why I drew an airplane. In the future i also want a dog, not exactly this one, but the one I want is hard to draw. I play hocky, in my future I want to continue playing hockey so I drew a goal with a hockey stick.

Florine Blonle
Rijnlands Lyceum Wassenaar


We suspect that there are aliens in distant space, so in their eyes we are al-iens too. Our family is a happy alien in their eyes. I love my home!

Yu Shen
Danhua Culture and Education Center


I think the coolest house is the hollow tree apartment, a really big tree where I can live with lots of good friends! The bears steal my honey from the rainbow-colored kitchen and the owls always hide my keys, but I still like to be with them.

Eason Zhang
Delft Chinese School


My home is like a tree.Mom and Dad are like the tree roots and trunk. They give us healthy food and take care of our growth. My brother and I are the shoots on the branches and we grow every day.Our big tree "is full of life and hope!"

Anze Feng
Delft Chinese School


What would it be like if there were still dinosaurs on Earth? We are a dinosaur family, my father is a tyrannosaurus rex, my mother is a pterosaur, my sister is an ankylosaur and I am a triceratops....

Neo Hornik
Danhua Culture and Education Center


Under the same starry sky that Van Gogh looked up to, there is also Wang Ximeng's painting of thousands of miles of rivers and mountains. Both countries have our home. Our home has a beautiful atmosphere as in the poem written by Yuanming Tao "Picking chrysanthemums by the eastern fence. "* We also have wheat fields in the European countryside. We also have swans with white feathers floating on the green water. And at night we also have churches with a serene atmosphere. Together we grew up under the same starry sky. Van Gogh can talk to Wang Ximeng one day, and Wang Ximeng's green landscape style can be integrated with Van Gogh's impressionism.

* This means: Far from the city in a small village, one can feel more at ease and enjoy nature more.

Mei Lan, Mei Shan, Ying Yi Chen, Xing Rui Yu
JE Art Studio


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