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'Inspired by China, Heritage and Innovation' to Open on 22 Sep

China Cultural Center in Den Haag

China Cultural Center Den Haag is delighted to unveil 'Inspired by China, heritage and innovation', an exhibition focusing on ceramic art and craftmanship, by presenting the works of four contemporary Dutch artists, namely Jeroen Bechtold, Wilma Bosland, Tineke van Gils and Pepijn van den Nieuwendijk, and their inspirational journeys in China.

The common denominator in the exhibition 'Inspired by China' is the teapot, an originally Chinese product that reached Europe along with tea in the late 16th century. These four artists all have a connection with the teapot to a greater or lesser extent, and each in their own way independently worked with porcelain and clay in China. They were inspired by 'China', a word that can also be used to indicate Chinese porcelain. In Jingdezhen, Dehua and Yixing they made their teapot art from the local raw material that varies greatly from city to city. To emphasize those differences, the exhibition is divided into the cities. Each chapter opens with a typical ceramic object from that city, generously loaned from the historical collections of Mr. Fei Yuliang or Royal Delft.

This exchange exhibition between the Netherlands and China ends with the chapter of Delft, where a unique method was invented for imitating the Chinese blue and white porcelain from Jingdezhen. After more than 300 years, Delft blue has now become a cultural and tourist attraction in the Netherlands. The connection between Chinese blue and white porcelain and Dutch Delft blue pottery is a reflection of the early cultural exchanges between China and the Netherlands.


Guest Curator/特邀策展人

Tineke van Gils

Participating Artists/参展艺术家
Jeroen Bechtold 
Wilma Bosland
Tineke van Gils 
Pepijn van den Nieuwendijk

Exhibition Coordination/展览统筹
Xirui Peng/彭玺睿

Graphic Design/平面设计
I Yu Studio

NI Cultuur
Zihang Tai/邰子航

Yuliang Fei/费玉樑
Royal Delft/皇家代尔夫特陶器厂
Ceramics Museum Princessehof/吕伐登公主庭院陶瓷博物馆

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