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Heal, a Conference and Networking event at DDW

China Cultural Center Den Haag
The third edition of China Calling, entitled Heal, entails a conference and a networking event which brings together leading Chinese and Dutch creatives, to reflect on design and its potential to heal our planet. China Calling is an official program at Dutch Design Week, supported by Creative Holland, China Cultural Center Den Haag, China Europe Design and ENTRY. The event (online/offline) will take place Wednesday October 20th from 13:00 till 17:00 at the monumental converted chapel Domusdela in Eindhoven, participation is free of charge upon registration.

Adelaide Lala Tam - Food Story Designer, 
Aric Chen - Director of Het Nieuwe Instituut, 
David Gianotten - Managing Partner OMA, 
Lu Ying - Founder and CEO of Future Urban Living (FUL), 
Martijn de Geus - Deputy Director Masters Program at Tsinghua University's School of Architecture, 
Ole Bouman - Curator in urbanism design and architecture, 
Richard Hutten - Designer, 
Xu Tiantian - Founder of DnA_Design and Architecture
Heal, refers to the notions of restoring well-being and balance, it directly relates to the current context of the pandemic and to the ongoing climate crisis. What can we learn from the Chinese and Western perspectives on the concept of healing? How can ancient and new healing practices shape design to do good, and not ‘less bad’? Join us to explore new design and healing models which can contribute to a better world. 
Conference speakers (amongst others) include Xu Tiantian, “China’s most promising female architect”, who will present “Architectural Acupuncture”, a holistic approach to the social and economic revitalization of rural China; world famous Dutch designer, Richard Hutten who has been working in China for more than a decade, will share his expertise on sustainability and design. Martijn de Geus, architect and professor at Tsinghua University in Beijing will enlighten us on traditional Chinese spatial practices and its potential to heal our environment, whilst Lu Ying, who operates at the intersection of circular economy, design, business strategy and emerging tech, will reflect on how systematic design can lead the way towards a more restorative and regenerative future.
The conference will be followed by a reception for members of the public to network with Chinese creatives in the Netherlands and with Dutch creatives active in China.
At the same time there will be a special online breakout session and Q&A with China’s leading e-commerce group Alibaba to learn more about their innovative design activities.
Wednesday 20 October 2021
13:00 - 13:05 Welcome words 
Jorn Konijn - Programme Director Dutch Design Week
Monique Knapen - China Coordinator Creative Holland
Huang Hongchang – Director China Cultural Center Den-Haag
13:05-14:00 Panel 1: Context: Exploring perspectives on design and healing from China and the West
Aric Chen - Director of Het Nieuwe Instituut
Martijn de Geus - Deputy Director Masters Program at Tsinghua University's School of Architecture
Ole Bouman - Curator in urbanism design and architecture
Lu Ying - Founder and CEO of Future Urban Living (FUL)
13:05 – 14:05 Interlude: Superplants: A Chinese brand which promotes the magical relationship between people and plants
14:10 - 15:05 Panel 2: Practice: Re-thinking healing design in China and the West
Adelaide Lala Tam - Food Story Designer
Xu Tiantian - Founder of DnA_Design and Architecture
David Gianotten - Managing Partner OMA
Richard Hutten - Designer
15:15 - 17:00 Networking event and Alibaba breakout session
Curated and moderated by Lidi Brouwer, Marie-Anne Souloumiac and China Europe Design team
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About Partners
Dutch Design Week (DDW) is the largest design event in the creative industry in Northern Europe. During the event from 17-25 October, every imaginable discipline and aspect of design is present, the emphasis is on experiment, innovation and crossovers.
Creative Holland is an initiative of the Dutch Creative Industries, powered by the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science in close collaboration with many partners and operated by the Federation Dutch Creative Industries.
China Cultural Center Den Haag is a non-profit cultural institution set up by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of People's Republic of China. It is dedicated to fostering the cultural exchange and cooperation between China and the Netherlands.
China Europe Design is a young platform which aims to advance excellency in design projects between China and Europe with a focus on green innovation and social developments. Through its online platform and events; it seeks to accelerate knowledge exchange, strengthen bi-lateral network, whilst promoting best practices and stimulating new models of co-creation between China and Europe.
ENTRY is a Dutch knowledge exchange platform for the creative industry with a focus on China. ENTRY connects industry professionals with the aim to share knowledge and experiences and to develop, empower and sustain business relations and cooperations.

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