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“Share this Moment” Guangdong Modern Dance Week

China Cultural Center in Den Hang

To welcome the Middle Autumn Festival,  China Cultural Center organized the dance week “Share this Moment” (Poem by Zhang Jiuling, AD 678-740, Tang Dynasty) in collaboration with the Guangdong Province from September 2nd to 9th . During this week, Guangdong modern dance company performed in De Nieuwe Regentes theater in The Hague and Parktheater in Eindhoven with “Sumeru” , a new program full of pure movement and stunningly beautiful images.

From the Chinese embassy in the Netherlands, the Minister Counsellor Mr. Chen Ribiao, sectary Mr. Wang Xinlong and cultural sectary Mr. Yang Xiaolong were presented the performance in The Hague. The elegance and athletic abilities of the dancers in particular impress. Their smooth and organic way of moving has a resilience, energy and control that rarely see,  their bodies seem surrounded by mystery. The high level of dance was attracted more than one thousand visitors. Even, some of them were from Belgium, Germany and other neighboring countries. 

The reason that some people drove six hours from Belgium to see the show was purely to gain more insight into modern Chinese dance. Chinese modern dance follows the latest dance developments in the West, but also maintains Chinese tradition and identity. The Dutch audience Thea Beelen said: “ The light, performance and music were of top quality, I was totally immerse in the dance.”

During the dance week, the center invited the Dutch choreographer Karin Post and the Chinese choreographer of Guangdong modern dance company Liu Qi to share their opinions on Modern dance. Liu Qi explained the dance “Sumeru”, she said that this dance opens up an ethereal world full of flow, gravity and forces that can rather be felt than seen. It is a game of physical interactions, gradually disclosing a world full of delicate, layered and ever changing connections and relationships through the dancers’ fluid and intriguing movements. It is an expression of her personal feeling and interpretation of dance. 



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