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Online Exhibition | A Collection of Ancient Flowerpots from Huai'an


Huai'an, a historical city of Jiangsu Province, located along the Grand Canal of China, was once an important transportation hub and a major salt trading hub. Goods from the north and south were exchanged here, and cultures were fused here. It was once home to many literati, scholars and rich merchants. Ancient flowerpots are one of the many cultural relics handed down from that period. These ancient flowerpots serve both practical and aesthetic functions, preserving a wealth of information about the ancient life and aesthetics of Huaian.

This special online exhibition curated 28 representative pieces from the collection of Tiexiaxuan Museum, located in Huai’an, which specializes in the collecting of ancient flowerpots. The themes of the flowerpots cover from pastel figures of court ladies, carved porcelain, to blue and white porcelain, etc, involving multiple techniques and cultural backgrounds, presenting a historical outlook of the canal city - Huai'an.


Interview with Ge Qiang, curator of Tiexiaxuan Flowerpot Museum



Beautiful Lady pot

01 Romance of the Western Chamber

Width 6cm

Height 3.8cm


02 The Three Graces

Dia. 10cm

Height 7cm


03 kylin Deliver Son

Dia. 13cm

Height 9.8cm


04 Expect her son win the crown

Dia. 13cm

Height 9.8cm


05 The 12 floras

Dia. 13.5cm

Height 9.8cm


06 Playing

Dia. 9.3cm

Height 6.5cm


07 Lin Daiyu burying flower

Dia. 26cm

Height 20cm


08 You Sisters enjoying the spring

Dia. 17cm

Height 14.5cm


09 The heavenly maids scatter blossoms.

Dia. 19.5cm

Height 13.5cm


10 The four beauties

Dia. 19cm

Height 14cm


11 Xi Shi washing yarn on the river bank.

Dia. 18cm

Height 10cm


12 Beijing Opera the story of Chen Shimei

Dia. 11cm

Height 7cm


13 The four beauties

Dia. 26.5cm

Height 20cm



14 Eight Immortals of Taoism

Dia. 27cm

Height 20cm


15 A hermit teaching his son

Dia. 9cm

Height 5.2cm


16 Figure of Qiao sisters hermits

Width 10.2cm

Height 8.2cm


17 A hermit reading

Dia. 10.3cm

Height 8cm


18 Visit friends with Gu Qin

Dia. 22cm

Height 16cm


19 Elegant gathering

Dia. 25.5cm

Height 18.2cm


20 Visit friends with Gu Qin

Dia. 22cm

Height 16cm


21 Wang Xizhi admiring crane

Dia. 9.5cm

Height 7.2cm


22 Lin Hejing admiring crane

Dia. 8.5cm

Height 6cm



Width 11cm

Length 17cm

Height 5.6cm


Blue-and-white pot


24 Decoration of small collection on the desk

Dia. 12cm

Height 9.5cm


25 Beautiful flowers for the four seasons

Dia. 16cm

Height 12cm


26 Blue and white landscape

Dia. 11.5cm

Height 6.7cm


27 Seeking friends on the branch

Dia. 10cm

Height 8.2cm


28 Greetings

Dia. 12cm

Height 8.5cm


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